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Our Philosophy

Enjoy Shaving

We want quality and style

- We only send out products that meet our high quality standards and personally use ourselves. The look and feeling of holding a solid metal safety razor in your hands is simply incomparable to the mass produced plastic of a cartridge razor. The difference in quality is obvious but what might be less obvious is how this translates to a much better shave. Don’t believe the hype, adding more blades does not improve the closeness of the shave (just potentially causes more irritation). Try it out and see for yourself. What’s more, nothing says sophistication quite like manually working a soap with a brush and using it to lather up your face. Compared to those strange space canisters that spew foaming goop, it’s fairly clear what we’d rather be doing.

We don’t want hassle

- The frustration that comes with running out of cartridges is palpable. Even more so because nobody ever remembers to buy a new set until it’s too late. They become dull and start tugging at your hairs, causing irritation, so quickly! By signing up to our monthly box you will never worry about running out of blades again. Just another item that can be crossed off your to-do list. You’re welcome. And plastic razors pile up too. Billions of disposable razors are thrown away each year, destined for landfill sites all over the world, where they will remain forever. Save the planet a little by using a safety razor as only the blade will need replacing (much less often) and can be recycled. And let's not forget; we provide everything you need for a wet shave even if you've never tried it before! You can cross a razor, brush and soap off your list too.

We want to enjoy the little things

- Shaving need never be a chore again, we’re serious. The act of shaving with a safety razor quickly becomes an activity to look forward to rather than an inconvenient time sucker. The routine of preparing your face with warm water, of lathering up the soap and then gently gliding the blade down your face. It’s calming. There is a technique to it. It requires that little touch of finesse that is simply lost on a plastic razor. Every shave is different as you master the grain of your hairs and come to know every contour of your skin. The triumphant feeling of a job well done as you can sense the smoothness.

We love variety and new experiences

- This company was built on this notion. Shaving soaps are great but they last so long, what if the one you buy doesn’t suit your skin type or maybe you get bored of the scent? It is so easy to get stuck in the routine of buying the same products month after month, after all, who has the time to constantly be on the lookout and some products are only made in small batches so you never hear of them. Variety is the spice of life! Trying out new products is not only exciting as you discover new smells and lathers but also important as not everything out there is suitable for everyone. By joining our monthly box you get to try soaps from all over the world but on top of that you also get to try products you may never have heard of or bothered with such as aftershave balms, pre-shave oils and scrubs. Your face is your greatest asset and we intend to keep it that way.

We don’t like commitment

- Our goal isn’t world domination, it’s to open up your world to the possibilities of shaving that you may not have thought of before. If at any time and for any reason you want to stop receiving our products then no hard feelings (beards can be cool too). Similarly if you ever want to start our service again, we’re only a click away.