The Solid Cologne Project Granite Cologne

The Solid Cologne Project is an an artisan fragrance brand from Aberdeen making high quality scents for men. If you’ve not used a solid cologne before, it’s an alcohol-free and water-free form of aftershave that is incredibly portable and discreet to apply. Made from a luxurious blend of Bees Wax, Shea Butter, Almond Oil & carefully chosen parfum, which means it won’t dry out your skin but in fact keep it moisturised as well as smelling great.

All the fragrances in their range have been inspired by the Scottish landscape. The Granite scent is a rich, woody, musk fragrance combining notes of rose, saffron, thyme, and tea with base notes of amber, suede, musk, and sandalwood

Gently rub your finger over the balm to heat it up and then apply to the pulse points such as your wrist, neck and behind your ears.