The Personal Barber Premium Safety Razor

The Personal Barber Premium Safety Razor

For those wanting to start their wet shaving journey in the best way possible: Our premium safety razor.

Ideal for all wet shavers, whether they're beginners or experienced with a single blade.

Improves on our basic safety razor in 4 main ways:

  1. Heavier construction - The added weight makes it easier to let the razor do the work of gliding through the hairs whilst minimising tugging. 
  2. Longer handle - Nearly twice as long as our basic safety razor making it perfect for those that have larger hands.
  3. A very forgiving blade-gap - Particularly useful for beginners as it means you don't have to focus so much attention on the angle you hold the razor at.
  4. Beautiful design - A premium chrome-plated finish that sits nicely in the hand and will stand out on any bathroom shelf

SPECIAL OFFER: Get this razor for just £10 if bought together with any of our subscription box options. Replaces the basic safety razor included in the first kit. Use code: PREMIUMRAZOR

Made of 3 parts, unscrew the handle and place the blade between the two head pieces.

The locking mechanism ensures the blade stays in straight.

Length: 115mm
Weight: 100g